Our Mission

Make Billions and Crush All Who Oppose Us!


Work Hard For An Honest-Earned Living.

Longmont Bike Taxi started in late 2018 with a simple idea: providing simple transportation to and from Longmont’s busy and bustling breweries, cafes, and other points of interest.

About Our Bikes


Our pedicabs are electric-assisted bikes built by Main Street Pedicabs in Broomfield, CO.

The electric motor increases our range substantially – almost all the way to the edge of town! With just a driver, they top out around 34mph, but with passengers on board, we average around 12 to 15, with a maximum speed of 20mph.

Each pedicab has a canopy to provide shade from the sun.

Passenger Capacity

The rickshaw seat will fit two comfy and three cozy. Our pedicabs are rated for a maximum weight of 600lbs., including the driver.

We employ only humanely-raised, free-range drivers.

About Our Team

Darrin Thomas